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Charges & Important Notes

1.Charging System

Admission fee - 10,000 yen
Annual charge - 26,400 yen
Bank commission - 4,000 yen

  • *As a rule, annual service charge is to be paid in a lump sum.
  • *Jtrade Service is open to members only based on annual subscription system.
  • *Annual charge is must be charged each Jtrade Service, Nationwide and Customs.
    (Membership will become effective for 12 months from the month following the month in which your have subscribed as a member and be automatically renewed from the second year on.)

When you make an application, you must specify the name of the person in charge (individual) who is the same as the person in charge through whom you have been already receiving some service from; otherwise the above-mentioned condition will not apply.

Monthly reporting service by E-Mail (Optional)

Monthly reports of the top 30 exports and imports will be automatically sent (PDF file) by E-Mail on the day of announcement every month, using the Commodity by Country =9 digits= table. The data include the items throughout Japan.

  • If you conclude a contract for both Jtrade Nationwide and Customs services, data will be sent to the same mail address that you registered. In that case,the data cannot be sent to two or more mail addresses.
  • Annual charge is must be charged each Jtrade Service, Nationwide and Customs.
  • This optional service requires an additional payment in the amount of 13,200 Yen/account a year. PDF-sample(It is being made.)
  • PDF-sample(It is being made.)

If you opt for this service, you must have "Acrobat Reader" ready on your computer to read PDF files sent as attachments. If not yet installed, you can download this dedicated program free from the Adobe Systems Web site.


* Acrobat Reader is a registered trademark that belongs to Adobe Systems,

2.Recommended Operating Environment

  1. Access line : ADSL line or its equivalent.
  2. Browser : MS Internet Explorer 9.0, or later version browser. Firefox latest version, Google Chrome latest version

3.Effective Date and Period

  1. The fraction of the month (from the date on which your membership subscription papers are received by us to the end of the month) is excluded from the count for effective 12 months.
  2. Your annual subscription comes into effect on the 1st of the following month; thereafter, your membership subscription will be automatically renewed every year unless prior notice is given.
  3. There will be no refundment if you wish to terminate your membership subscription early in the middle of the year.