Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

1. Ownership

All contents (text, images, data and other materials) displayed on the JTAS Website are the property of the Japan Tariff Association (JTAS) or the designated owner, and are protected by applicable intellectual property laws.

Users of the JTAS Website (User) may use the contents of the JTAS Website, provided the user clearly states the source of the contents. However, the user's right to quote and reproduce the contents may be restricted when there is a note stating "Copyright [All rights] reserved. etc." or individual copyright. If you wish to reproduce the contents of the JTAS Website for business, please contact us.

It is strictly prohibited to modify any contents of the JTAS Website without the permission of JTAS.

2. Warranty Disclaimers, Limitations on Liability and Remedies

JTAS does not endorse the contents, products, or services that are displayed.
JTAS does not endorse any acts of users of the JTAS Website contents.

3. Trademark

Internet Explorer is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
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Acrobat Reader is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.
LHA is a registered trademark of Haruyasu Yoshizaki.

4 Privacy Policy

JTAS strives to observe the law concerning protection of privacy, and to deal appropriately with customers' privacy and information ("Information").

Information we collect:
JTAS clearly states the purpose of use of information and does not use any information for other purposes.
The JTAS Website uses cookies to check the access log of content for members. If a user disables cookies, membership contents cannot be accessed.

JTAS takes measures to protect illegal access to information, and to prevent leakage and loss of information.
JTAS does not offer information nor make it publicly available, unless in exceptional cases required by law. However, JTAS may entrust the processing of information to external subcontractors. JTAS selects subcontractors after confirming their information management skills, and properly supervises them based on a non-disclosure agreement.
JTAS strives to improve this policy and system.
The JTAS Website supports SSL connection certified by VeriSign Japan K.K.

5 Others

JTAS may change or delete the contents of the JTAS Website.

6 Scope of application

This privacy policy applies only to our website.
You can contact us at:

Japan Tariff Association
Information Service Div.
Nissenren Asahi Seimei Bldg.6F
3-4-2 Kanda-Surugadai,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062 JAPAN