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Trade Statistics

For Japanese Trade Statistics

The statistics shown in this monthly return is compiled on the basis of informations contained in the declarations submitted to the customs for clearance etc., but do not include the following goods:

  1. Goods of small amount of value of less than 200,000 "yen".
  2. Samples and gifts.
  3. Personal effects of travellers.
  4. Goods for performance of travelling showmen.
  5. Goods belonging to U.S. and U.N. Armed Forces.
  6. Ship's and aircraft's stores.
  7. Goods smuggled.
  8. Containers of repeated use exclusively for transportation of cargoes.
  9. Specific goodscleared through customs by Air Way Bill. etc.
Sources of data

Sources of data are export declarations, reshipment declarations, import declarations, applications for approval of entrance of foreign goods into bonded warehouse or bonded manufacturing warehouse, applications for approval of delivery of goods before an import permit, etc.