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what's Jtrade

Jtrade is An Advantageous Search Engine for Trade Statistics!

Jtrade is a website search service convenient for finding desired statistic data on Japan's foreign trade. Japan's foreign trade statistics are announced by the Ministry of Finance on a monthly basis. These statistical data are also available from our association in magnetic media,but regard Jtrade Service, as an advanced search engine for trade statistics.

Timely gathering and analysis of Japan's foreign trade data are particularly vital for those engaged in business with Japan, not only from the viewpoint of marketing but also from that of physical distribution of commodities. Real-time data are now available in the Jtrade website. For a very small monthly charge, you can have access to up-to-date data on Japan's foreign trade around-the-clock and at any time of the year. With Jtrade, secondary data processing by user is quite easy, not to speak of a simple search. If you think of building up your organization's information-related capability or expanding your company's business opportunity, now is your chance. JOIN UP TODAY !