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ISBN No. Title Size/Page Price freight outward
978-4-88895-433-4 Export Statistical Schedule -JAPAN- B5/696 9,800Yen  

Export Statistical Schedule -JAPAN-


Export Statistical Schedule of JAPAN based on the HS (the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System).
This book writes nine-digits number which copes with the description which it has freight to export from Japan decided as by the agreement of the HS system. As for the law except for the statute related to the customs duty which is applicable as well, a list of export name is inserted in the reference column. The variety information of this book becomes indispensable in the case of export in the trade business.

978-4-88895-438-9 Customs Tariff Schedules of JAPAN A4/1312 24,000Yen  

Customs Tariff Schedules of JAPAN


The Customs Tariff Schedules of JAPAN based on the HS (the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System).
This book is inserted in the import declaration so that it can look over the description to mention to sort freight, a list of statistical code number and a tariff rate (General rates, WTO rates, the Preferential rates, the Temporary rates), a unit.
And, the law name is indicated about the law which affects each list of articles. All the imported freight is classified in accordance with the contents of this book, and it taxes it in Japan.

Japan's Laws and Regulations governing
Customs Duties and Customs Procedures
A4/630 13,333Yen  

Japan's Laws and Regulations governing Customs Duties and Customs Procedures


This publication is the revised edition of the previous publication “JAPAN LAWS AND REGULATIONS CONCERNING CUSTOMS DUTIES AND CUS-TOMS PROCEDURES” of October, 2002. This new edition reflects all the amendments of the laws and regulations made after 2002 edition.

In this edition, the laws and regulations are repro-duced bilingually, in English and Japanese, so that the users can compare two texts, as needed.

Besides, for the convenience of the users, the loose-leaf binder format is used.

List of Laws and Regulations Covered:

・Customs Act
・Order for Enforcement of the Customs Act
・Customs Tariff Act
・Order for Enforcement of the Customs Tariff Act
・Cabinet Order on the Application of Beneficial Duty pursuant to Article 5 of the Customs Tariff Act
・Cabinet Order on Countervailing Duty
・Cabinet Order on Anti-dumping Duty
・Cabinet Order on Emergency Duty, etc.
・Cabinet Order on Retaliatory Duty, etc.
・Temporary Tariff Measures Act
・Order for Enforcement of the Temporary Tariff Measures Act
・Cabinet Order on Emergency Tariff Measures based on Economic Partnership Agreements


4-88895-255-8 Japan Laws and Regulations Concerning
CustomsDuties and Customs Procedures
B5/546 18,000Yen  



This book contains all the principal Laws and Regulations relating to, customs duties to be levied on imported goods (including preferential tariff in favor of developing countries, countervailing duty, anti-dumping duty, emergency duty and beneficial duty) and a reduction, exemption and refund of customs duties, tonnage dues, special tonnage dues, customs formalities and documents for exportation and importation of goods, formalities for protests, bonded warehouse, bonded manufacturing warehouse, transportation in bond, and foreign trading vessel and aircraft.
The Laws and Regulations contained in this book are those which are in effect for the fiscal year (April-March) 1990. Future amendments to these Laws and Regulations will be published in due course, for the information of our readers.

0910-3007 Japan Exports & Imports (Commodity by Country)
Jan.-Mar.(each month) B5/ 19,000Yen  
Apr.-Jun.(each month) B5/ 21,000Yen  
Jul.-Sep.(each month) B5/ 24,000Yen  
Oct.-Dec.(each month) B5/ 28,000Yen  

Japan Exports & Imports (Commodity by Country)

mid. of a month

********** Japan Exports & Imports (Country by Commodity)
Jan.-Dec.2018 B5/ 40,000Yen  

Japan Exports & Imports (Commodity by Country)


Annual statistics compiled on the basis on Japan Exports & Imports (Commodity by Country), useful in analyzing Japan's trade on a country-by-country basis.

ISSN 0448-6099 Summary Report on Trade of Japan
each month B5/ 3,160Yen  

Summary Report on Trade of Japan

mid. of a month

Source of Date
This monthly return is compiled on the basis of information contained in such declarations, as export declarations, import declarations, re-shipment declarations, etc., which were submitted to the customs for clearance, and declarations inward/outward of vessel, etc.

Value of Exports and Imports, Summary Table/ Value of Exports and Imports by Area /Value of Exports and Imports by Area (Country)/ Exports by Principal Commodity / Importsby Principal Commodity / Exports by Commodity/ Imports by Commodity / Exports and Imports by Port of Clearance / Indexes of Trade