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Country Code / Abbreviation of Country

Applicable Rate by Country or Area (from April, 1, 2024)

  1. "Statutory" rate means the Temporary rate, where it is provided, otherewise the General rate.
  2. Subject to Preferential rate, WTO rate, a Temporary rate and a General rate are applied in descending order.
  3. In the column of "WTO", mark "B" indicates that the conventional rates which are equal to WTO rates are applicable to the products of the country or area, under the provision of the Cabinet Order in accordance with the Article 5 of the Customs Tariff Law.
  4. In each column, mark "A" indicates duties applicable to the products of the country or area. If there is mark "A" or "B" in the column of "WTO", mark "A" in the column of "Statutory" is omitted.
  5. In the column "preferential", mark "C" indicates that the rates applicable to the products of the country or area are based on paragraph 3 of Article 8-2 of Customs Temporary Measure Law.
  6. In the column "preferential", mark "(D)" indicates that the preferential rate is not applicable to certain products of the country or area,based on paragraph 2 of Article 8-2 of Customs Temporary Measure Law.
Country Code / Abbreviation of Country Applicable Rate by Country
Code No. Abbreviation Nation / Area Preferential WTO Statutory
103 R KOREA Republic of Korea   A  
104 N KOREA North Korea     A
105 CHINA People's Republic of China   A  
106 TAIWAN Taiwan   A  
107 MONGOL Mongolia A (D) A  
108 HG KONG Hong Kong   A  
110 VIETNAM Viet Nam A (D) A  
111 THAILND Thailand   A  
112 SNGAPOR Singapore   A  
113 MALYSIA Malaysia   A  
116 BRUNEI Brunei   A  
117 PHILPIN Philippines A (D) A  
118 INDNSIA Indonesia A (D) A  
120 CAMBOD Cambodia C A  
121 LAOS Laos C A  
122 MYANMAR Myanmar C A  
123 INDIA India A (D) A  
124 PAKISTN Pakistan A A  
125 SRILANK Sri Lanka A A  
126 MALDIVE Maldives A A  
127 BANGLA Bangladesh C A  
128 E TIMOR Timor-Leste C   A
129 MACAO Macao   A  
130 AFGNSTN Afghanistan C A  
131 NEPAL Nepal C A  
132 BHUTAN Bhutan A B  
133 IRAN Iran A B  
134 IRAQ Iraq A B  
135 BAHRAIN Bahrain   A  
137 SU ARAB Saudi Arabia   A  
138 KUWAIT Kuwait   A  
140 QATAR Qatar   A  
141 OMAN Oman   A  
143 ISRAEL Israel   A  
144 JORDAN Jordan A A  
145 SYRIA Syria A B  
146 LEBANON Lebanon A   A
147 U ARB E United Arab Emirates   A  
149 YEMEN Yemen C A  
150 AZERBAI Azerbaijan A A  
151 ARMENIA Armenia A A  
152 UZBEKIS Uzbekistan A A  
153 KAZAKHS Kazakhstan A A  
154 KYRGYZ Kyrgyz A A  
155 TADZHIK Tajikistan A A  
156 TURKMEN Turkmenistan A A  
157 GEORGIA Georgia A A  
158 W B G S The West Bank and Gaza Strip A A  
201 ICELAND Iceland   A  
202 NORWAY Norway   A  
203 SWEDEN Sweden   A  
204 DENMARK Denmark   A  
205 U KING United Kingdom   A  
206 IRELAND Ireland   A  
207 NETHLDS Netherlands   A  
208 BELGIUM Belgium   A  
209 LUXMBRG Luxembourg   A  
210 FRANCE France   A  
211 MONACO Monaco   A  
212 ANDORRA Andorra     A
213 GERMANY Germany   A  
215 SWITZLD Switzerland   A  
216 AZORES Azores (Portugal)   A  
217 PORTUGL Portugal   A  
218 SPAIN Spain   A  
219 GIBRALT Gibraltar (UK)   A  
220 ITALY Italy   A  
221 MALTA Malta   A  
222 FINLAND Finland   A  
223 POLAND Poland   A  
224 RUSSIA Russia     A
225 AUSTRIA Austria   A  
227 HUNGARY Hungary   A  
228 SERBIA Serbia A A  
229 ALBANIA Albania A A  
230 GREECE Greece   A  
231 ROMANIA Romania   A  
232 BULGAR Bulgaria   A  
233 CYPRUS Cyprus   A  
234 TURKEY Türkiye A A  
235 ESTONIA Estonia   A  
236 LATVIA Latvia   A  
237 LITHUAN Lithuania   A  
238 UKRAINE Ukraine A A  
239 BELARUS Belarus A A  
240 MOLDOVA Moldova A A  
241 CROATIA Croatia   A  
242 SLOVENI Slovenia   A  
243 BOS HER Bosnia and Herzegovina A A  
244 N MACED North Macedonia A A  
245 CZECH Czech Republic   A  
246 SLOVAK Slovakia   A  
247 MONTNGR Montenegro A A  
248 KOSOVO Kosovo A A  
249 FAROE Faroe Islands (Denmark)   A  
250 VATICAN Vatican   B  
North America
301 GREENLD Greenland (Denmark)   A  
302 CANADA Canada   A  
303 ST P MQ St. Pierre and Miquelon (France)   A  
304 USA United States of America   A  
305 MEXICO Mexico   A  
306 GUATMAL Guatemala A A  
307 HONDURS Honduras A A  
308 BELIZE Belize A A  
309 SALVADR El Salvador A A  
310 NICARAG Nicaragua A A  
311 CST RCA Costa Rica A A  
312 PANAMA Panama   A  
314 BERMUDA Bermuda (UK)   A  
315 BAHAMA The Bahamas   B  
316 JAMAICA Jamaica A A  
317 TUK CAI Turks, and Caicos Islands (UK)   A  
319 BARBADS Barbados   A  
320 TRINIDD Trinidad and Tobago   A  
321 CUBA Cuba A A  
322 HAITI Haiti C A  
323 DOMNICA Dominican Republic A A  
324 PRTRICO Puerto Rico (USA)   A  
325 A VIR I US Virgin Islands   A  
326 N ANTIL Netherlands Antilles   A  
327 F W IND French West Indies   A  
328 CAYMAN Cayman Islands (UK)   A  
329 GRENADA Grenada A A  
330 ST LUCI St. Lucia A A  
331 ANT BAR Antigua and Barbuda   A  
332 B VIR I British Virgin Islands   A  
333 C DOMNC Commonwealth of Dominica A A  
334 MONT SE Monstserrat (UK)   A  
335 ST CHRI St. Christopher and Nevis   A  
336 ST VINT St. Vincent A A  
337 ANGUILA British Anguilla   A  
338 ST BART St. Barthelemy (France)   A  
South America
401 COLMBIA Colombia A A  
402 VENEZLA Venezuela A A  
403 GUYANA Guyana A A  
404 SURINAM Suriname A A  
405 F GIANA French Guiana   A  
406 ECUADOR Ecuador A A  
407 PERU Peru A (D) A  
408 BOLIVIA Bolivia A A  
409 CHILE Chile   A  
410 BRAZIL Brazil   A  
411 PARAGUA Paraguay A A  
412 URUGUAY Uruguay   A  
413 ARGENT Argentina A A  
414 FALKLND Falkland Islands and Dependencies (UK)   A  
415 B A T British Antarctic Territory   A  
501 MOROCCO Morocco A A  
502 CET MEL Ceuta and Melilla (Spain)   A  
503 ALGERIA Algeria A B  
504 TUNISIA Tunisia A A  
505 LIBYA Libya A B  
506 EGYPT Egypt A A  
507 SUDAN Sudan C B  
508 W SAHAR West Sahara   A  
509 MARITAN Mauritania C A  
510 SENEGAL Senegal C A  
511 GAMBIA The Gambia C A  
512 GINEA B Guinea-Bissau C A  
513 GUINEA Guinea C A  
514 SIERLEO Sierra Leone C A  
515 LIBERIA Liberia C A  
516 COTE D' Rep. of Cote d'Ivoire A A  
517 GHANA Ghana A A  
518 TOGO Togo C A  
519 BENIN Benin C A  
520 MALI Mali C A  
521 BURKINA Burkina Faso C A  
522 C VERDE Cape Verde A A  
523 CANARY Canary Islands (Spain)   A  
524 NIGERIA Nigeria A A  
525 NIGER Niger C A  
526 RWANDA Rwanda C A  
527 CAMROUN Cameroon A A  
528 CHAD Chad C A  
529 C AFRCA Central Africa C A  
530 EQ GNEA Equatorial Guinea A   A
531 GABON Gabon A A  
532 R CONGO Republic of Congo A A  
533 D CONGO Democratic Republic of the Congo C A  
534 BURUNDI Burundi C A  
535 ANGOLA Angola C A  
536 ST PRIN Sao Tome and Principe C B  
537 ST HELE St. Helena Island and Dependencies (UK) A A  
538 ETHIOP Ethiopia C B  
539 DJIBOUT Djibouti C A  
540 SOMALIA Somalia C B  
541 KENYA Kenya A A  
542 UGANDA Uganda C A  
543 TANZNIA Tanzania C A  
544 SEYCHEL Seychelles   A  
545 MOZAMBQ Mozambique C A  
546 MADAGAS Madagascar C A  
547 MAURTUS Mauritius A A  
548 REUNION Reunion (France)   A  
549 ZMBABWE Zimbabwe A A  
550 NAMIBIA Namibia A A  
551 S AFRCA South Africa A (D) A  
552 LESOTHO Lesotho C A  
553 MALAWI Malawi C A  
554 ZAMBIA Zambia C A  
555 BOTSWAN Botswana A A  
556 ESWATIN Eswatini A A  
557 IND OCE British Indian Ocean Territories   A  
558 COMOROS Comoros C A  
559 ERITREA Eritrea C   A
560  S SUDAN  The Republic of South Sudan      A
601 AUSTRAL Australia   A  
602 PAP NGA Papua New Guinea A A  
605 OTH AUS Other Australian Territories   A  
606 NEWZELD New Zealand   A  
607 COOK Cook   A  
608 TOKELAU Tokelau Islands (NZ) A A  
609 NIUE Niue  A A  
610 SAMOA Samoa A A  
611 VANUATU Vanuatu A A  
612 FIJI Fiji A A  
613 SOLOMON Solomon Islands C A  
614 TONGA Tonga A A  
615 KIRIBAT Kiribati C A  
616 PITCARN Pitcairn (UK)   A  
617 R NAURU Nauru   B  
618 NEWCALD New Caledonia (France)   A  
619 F POLYN French Polynesia   A  
620 GUAM Guam (USA)   A  
621 A SAMOA American Samoa A A  
622 A OCEAN American Oceania   A  
624 TUVALU Tuvalu C A  
625 MARSHAL Marshall A A  
626 MICRONE Micronesia A A  
627 MARIANA Northern Mariana Islands (USA)   A  
628 PALAU Palau   A  
Special Areas
701 F ORDER For Order
702 UNKNOWN Unknown
703 BMW&IHA Bonded Manufacturing Warehouse, Integrated Hozei Area