chapter 93 Arms and ammunition; parts and accessories thereof


1.- This Chapter does not cover:

(a) Goods of Chapter 36 (for example, percussion caps, detonators, signalling flares);

(b) Parts of general use, as defined in Note 2 to Section XV, of base metal (Section XV), or similar goods of plastics (Chapter 39);

(c) Armoured fighting vehicles (heading 87.10);

(d) Telescopic sights and other optical devices suitable for use with arms, unless mounted on a firearm or presented with the firearm on which they are designed to be mounted (Chapter 90);

(e) Bows, arrows, fencing foils or toys (Chapter 95); or

(f) Collectors' pieces or antiques (heading 97.05 or 97.06).

2.- In heading 93.06, the reference to “parts thereof” does not include radio or radar apparatus of heading 85.26.