chapter 69 Ceramic products


1.- This Chapter applies only to ceramic products which have been fired after shaping. Headings 69.04 to 69.14 apply only to such products other than those classifiable in headings 69.01 to 69.03.

2.- This Chapter does not cover:

(a) Products of heading 28.44;

(b) Articles of heading 68.04;

(c) Articles of Chapter 71 (for example, imitation jewellery);

(d) Cermets of heading 81.13;

(e) Articles of Chapter 82;

(f) Electrical insulators (heading 85.46) or fittings of insulating material of heading 85.47;

(g) Artificial teeth (heading 90.21);

(h) Articles of Chapter 91 (for example, clocks and clock cases);

(ij) Articles of Chapter 94 (for example, furniture, lamps and lighting fittings, prefabricated buildings);

(k) Articles of Chapter 95 (for example, toys, games and sports requisites);

(l) Articles of heading 96.06 (for example, buttons) or of heading 96.14 (for example, smoking pipes); or

(m) Articles of Chapter 97 (for example, works of art).