chapter 63 Other made up textile articles; sets; worn clothing and worn textile articles; rags


1.- Sub-Chapter I applies only to made up articles, of any textile fabric.

2.- Sub-Chapter I does not cover:

(a) Goods of Chapters 56 to 62; or

(b) Worn clothing or other worn articles of heading 63.09.

3.- Heading 63.09 applies only to the following goods:

(a) Articles of textile materials:

(ⅰ) Clothing and clothing accessories, and parts thereof;

(ⅱ) Blankets and travelling rugs;

(ⅲ) Bed linen, table linen, toilet linen and kitchen linen;

(ⅳ) Furnishing articles, other than carpets of headings 57.01 to 57.05 and tapestries of heading 58.05;

(b) Footwear and headgear of any material other than asbestos.

In order to be classified in this heading, the articles mentioned above must comply with both of the following requirements:

(ⅰ) they must show signs of appreciable wear, and

(ⅱ) they must be presented in bulk or in bales, sacks or similar packings.

Subheading Note.

1.- Subheading 6304.20 covers articles made from warp knit fabrics, impregnated or coated with alpha-cypermethrin (ISO), chlorfenapyr (ISO), deltamethrin (INN, ISO), lambda-cyhalothrin (ISO), permethrin (ISO) or pirimiphos-methyl (ISO).