chapter 55 Man-made staple fibres


1.- Headings 55.01 and 55.02 apply only to man-made filament tow, consisting of parallel filaments of a uniform length equal to the length of the tow, meeting the following specifications:

(a) Length of tow exceeding 2 m;

(b) Twist less than 5 turns per metre;

(c) Measuring per filament less than 67 decitex;

(d) Synthetic filament tow only: the tow must be drawn, that is to say, be incapable of being stretched by more than 100 % of its length;

(e) Total measurement of tow more than 20,000 decitex.

Tow of a length not exceeding 2 m is to be classified in heading 55.03 or 55.04.

Additional Note.

1.- In this Chapter, the word “silk” includes noil silk and other silk waste.