chapter 82 Tools, implements, cutlery, spoons and forks, of base metal; parts thereof of base metal


1.- Apart from blow lamps, portable forges, grinding wheels with frameworks, manicure or pedicure sets, and goods of heading 82.09, this Chapter covers only articles with a blade, working edge, working surface or other working part of:

(a) Base metal;

(b) Metal carbides or cermets;

(c) Precious or semi-precious stones (natural, synthetic or reconstructed) on a support of base metal, metal carbide or cermet; or

(d) Abrasive materials on a support of base metal, provided that the articles have cutting teeth, flutes, grooves, or the like, of base metal, which retain their identity and function after the application of the abrasive.

2.- Parts of base metal of the articles of this Chapter are to be classified with the articles of which they are parts, except parts separately specified as such and tool-holders for hand tools (heading 84.66). However, parts of general use as defined in Note 2 to Section XV are in all cases excluded from this Chapter.

Heads, blades and cutting plates for electric shavers or electric hair clippers are to be classified in heading 85.10.

3.- Sets consisting of one or more knives of heading 82.11 and at least an equal number of articles of heading 82.15 are to be classified in heading 82.15.